Puzzle platformer I've been working on thats in early development. The name is very much a placeholder, and if you have any ideas feel free to share.


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Hi interesting game, maybe it could be intersting instead of collecting keys to collect some kind of gear that allow, after a certain amount, to unlock new abilities for the robot. Congrats nevertheless :) It's always a pleasure to see Gdevelop game !

I was actually thinking about adding some sort of upgrade system (being that the character is a robot) good to hear that someone else had the same idea! 

I may add an additional pickup or something, that you can collect a certain amount of to upgrade the robot! 

Nice game, good idea, I love the art, maybe a "coyote jump" over the platforms will be nice to see.

Or a double jump like in this game

Good job anyway.

Thanks! I'll look into the coyote jump, and it might be something that I could implement.